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What is contract manufacturing?

It is the process by which companies or individuals choose to outsource part or entire process of manufacturing a product to a third party.

Why choose Nia Cosmetics

At Nia Cosmetics, we make it possible for companies that lack full service in house to develop their brands.

We are a one stop shop for formulation development, packaging design, production, product packaging and assembly services. Nia Cosmetics will offer you start-to-finish support and provide high quality, ready for market products.

The start-up cost for building a new brand may be high for large companies or even small businesses making companies outsource this process.Ordering parts, managing the manufacturing process and even dealing with a handful of suppliers can be an exhausting and expensive process. This is what a Contract Manufacturer like Nia Cosmetics comes in to do – to do the HARD work for you.

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we know the A-Z of contract manufacturing. From formulation development to final packaging – our R&D and manufacturing teams work together to create a full service, customized process to provide finished products, ready for the market. We develop consumer products within the following industries : cosmetics, medical, household products & fabrics.

We are here to take away the hassle of putting everything together and help you save time to focus on your core business. We offer unmatched expertise, reliability and flexibility to design and develop unique brands that will give your business an edge in the marketplace

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